SouthLake Church and Roosevelt High School tap a reservoir of selfless giving and love to tear down walls, build bridges and help kids see purpose—and bloom.

Undivided documents the true story of how a suburban church unites with at-risk Roosevelt High School—once Portland, Oregon’s most outstanding but now failing and slated for closure—to create a beautiful transformation for students, the school and the volunteers serving it.

What began as a season of service became an ongoing expression of faith. And it’s sparked a movement to enlist 300,000 churches to serve 100,000 schools nationwide.

The film documents the startling possibilities for reconciliation and restoration. We watch as the volunteers of SouthLake Church—suburban, affluent and with little insight into economically challenged inner-city youth—decide to follow their faith.

They show up en masse one Saturday to work on the grounds, only to discover disaffected kids suffering from crumbling facilities, losing sports teams, a high dropout rate, hunger and nearly 20% of the student body homeless.

So they make a decision: to serve them with unconditional love. The results are surprising, even shocking—and an inspiring blueprint for rewriting how schools and communities can change their destiny.

Steve Duin, award-winning Oregonian columnist 
Kip Jacob, lead pastor, SouthLake Church, West Linn, Oregon 
Charlene Williams, Principal, Roosevelt High School, Portland, Oregon 
Neil Lomax, NFL All-Pro quarterback and offensive coordinator for the Roosevelt Roughriders 
and many more.

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Jeff Martin

Dan Merchant